Tyson Fury NFT’s, how to buy them?

The first Fomo Lab press release was the feature on Forbes around the partnership with gold star promotion and the lineal heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. This partnership showcased Fomo Lab’ entrance to the public and we are proud to see the NFT’s that are now available to purchase on Hodooi.com.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets.

They are based around smart contracts which govern the rights to the assets, the information is stored on a blockchain which makes the record unique.

Blockchain, the same technology that underlies cryptocurrencies, make it practically impossible to create counterfeits of the assets. The record is decentralised, immutable and preserves ownership rights.

NFTs function similarly to cryptographic tokens, but, unlike cryptos they are not mutually interchangeable — or in slightly more esoteric terms, they are not fungible.

In this article, we will be explaining how to purchase the NFTs via Hodooi.com

in Part 1 collectible series of NFTs ranging from Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Part 2 allows the user to buy the “Lineal by Tyson Fury” unique piece which comes with a signed 5-foot by 5-foot painting of the NFT, signed boxing glove, and a video from the Gypsy King himself.

How do I buy NFTs on HoDooi.com?

Users can purchase NFTs in two different ways;

Buy Now — you can purchase NFTs immediately with the Buy Now function.
Auction — You can bid on items as you would on eBay or other internet auctions sites/apps during the auction process until the end of the auction.

The Tyson Fury NFT Collection comes in two parts, with the Lineal by Tyson Fury being an auction and the collectible NFTs offering a Buy Now option. You can only purchase these NFTs on HoDooi.com.

Use this link- https://app.hodooi.com/en

How will bidding on HoDooi.com work?

You can bid on the Lineal by Tyson Fury as you would with any other platform such as eBay, Hodooi currently allow payments in BNB or USDT (BEP-20), you can also bid on other NFTs when the creator lists it as an auction, with the two options for listing being Buy Now and Auction.

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