$FOMO Stake going LIVE — May 13th, 2021

Staking $FOMO will now be possible from the 13th of May, 2021.

Built on top of Binance Smart Chain, Fomolab is a sustainable NFT marketplace facilitating the most exclusive NFT collection.

The Fomolab ecosystem will consist of several products including the Avenue NFT Marketplace. FomoLaunch, an IDO Launch platform, an NFT wallet for viewing your NFTs and our NFT focused staking pool.
User’s will be able to Stake Fomo to earn rewards and mint exclusive NFTs.

Fomolab is collaborating with world renowned public figures such as musicians, athletes, celebrities, rappers, artists, and influencers.

Therefore, the NFTs available at the Fomo marketplace are original and credible.

Moreover, being built on top of the Binance Smart Chain, Fomolab accommodates faster transactions at low transaction fees.

The already astonishing ecosystem of Fomolab keeps growing every month with several new and meaningful partnerships with popular artists and influencers. This further enables Fomolab to effectively manage the NFT ecosystem providing greater value to the underlying concept of digitalizing unique assets.

The complete ecosystem runs on FOMO tokens. Buying and selling of NFTs on the Fomolab marketplace can be done using FOMO tokens.
These tokens can also be swapped on the NFT exchange.

With a long-term vision and fairly defined tokenomics, the FOMO token is a sustainable approach to facilitate financial interactions in the NFT ecosystem of Fomolab.

FOMO Stake

Taking this one step further, FOMO stake is going Live on the 13th of May, adding more usability to the Fomolab ecosystem.

Until now, Fomolab was a platform to trade NFTs but with FOMO stake,
it becomes a stable investment option for the users.

Users holding the FOMO tokens can stake their tokens to become liquidity providers and generate a passive income.

Fomolab constantly brings new and credible NFTs on the platform that are created by famous people. Therefore, a user can not afford to lose the chance of buying an NFT that belongs to their favorite artist which is why users hold FOMO tokens in their wallet.

However, just holding the tokens for a long time becomes a mundane task and does not allow the user to enjoy various other advanced financial functions available in the DeFi space.
To complete this ecosystem and provide more usability, Fomolab have come up with FOMO Saking.

Users no longer have to choose between their passion and need.
They can keep FOMO in their wallets to quickly buy the NFT of their favorite celebrity when it will be available.
In the meantime, they can stake their FOMO tokens to get high APY.

Different staking pools are available such as Fomo/BNB LP, Fomo, Bake,
and Rari. Each staking pool offers lucrative APYs.

In a sense, Fomolab is a bridge between the DeFi and the NFT world, §bringing the best of both on a single marketplace.

Connect with the Fomolabs team:

Website — https://fomolab.io/

Twitter — https://twitter.com/fomo_lab

Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/fomolabs/

Medium — https://medium.com/@thefomolab

Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/user/fomolabs

Github — https://github.com/TheFomolab