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Fomo Lab

$Fomo token is the life blood of the Fomo Labs ecosystem. Ensuring a fair and even token distribution at launch and making sure all teams and advisors have a long term vested interest in the project are crucially important.

A secure and systematic tokenomics structure sets the base understanding to any project. Many projects’ longevity is hindered due to failed tokenomics, uneven staking rewards, and unfair launches. A project’s life cycle is dependent on three main factors, The staking distribution, the launch distribution and the over total supply.

The FOMO token is utilized in many unique ways throughout the platforms…

On 30th March 2021, Fomo Lab officially agreed on the first collaboration with a street artist, Balkong toys. A brief introduction to Fomo Lab Our mission is to bring NFTs to the masses and bring exclusive content directly from artists, athletes, and celebrities directly to fans!

Fomo Lab aims to be the most exclusive full suite Talent agency & marketplace platform for NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain. All our NFT releases are verified and by well-known musicians, athletes, celebrities, rappers, artists, digital creatives, and influencers.

Who are Balkong Toys?

Balkong toys is a toy, vinyl, and collectible manufacturer. They are based in South…

The first Fomo Lab press release was the feature on Forbes around the partnership with gold star promotion and the lineal heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury. This partnership showcased Fomo Lab’ entrance to the public and we are proud to see the NFT’s that are now available to purchase on

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets.

They are based around smart contracts which govern the rights to the assets, the information is stored on a blockchain which makes the record unique.

Blockchain, the same technology that underlies cryptocurrencies, make it practically impossible to create counterfeits of the assets. …

Many experts consider NFTs to be the future of the blockchain industry as it is one of the best use cases to come out of the crypto ecosystem. NFTs are non-fungible tokens assigned to real-world assets to integrate them with the blockchain world.

The past year has been exceptionally vibrant for the NFT industry, and FOMO Lab were pioneers of the trend as they collaborated with PVLACE 808 and Gunboi to launch an exclusive NFT collection on The Avenue, and currently offer an exquisite NFT collection by Mark Cavendish, named as Official Tour De France NFT Series.

FomoLab NFT Marketplace — The Avenue

The Avenue is…


What is the Mark Cavendish Tour de France Series NFT Collection?

The Mark Cavendish Series NFT Collection is a digital non-fungible token (NFT) series that commemorates Mark Cavendish thirty historic Tour de France Stage Wins with seven limited edition NFT trading cards designs. Each card is a unique piece of memorabilia digitally hand-signed and numbered by Mark Cavendish. Limited to just 30 & 100 editions of each card, each edition will be minted on the blockchain and the series will never be replicated. …

We are proud to announce that we officially have our tier system that will be mean that with $FOMO you will be able to get in at the earliest stages possible of some of the newest and hottest projects in the defi space.

What is a launchpad?

Crypto launchpads acts as a vetting process for new projects. Thus, they protect investors’ interest. They also lower the barrier of entry for investors as the launchpads provide token purchasing privileges to investors at a reduced price before tokens hit the market. Crypto launchpads also provide a way to raise capital for new projects, on safer platforms…

FOMO Lab is excited to announce its latest strategic partnership with GoldFarm, a leading cross-chain DeFi FaaS protocol. This partnership will add value to both the companies and help us achieve our mutual goal of promoting crypto adoption using NFTs.

The partnership between FOMO Lab and GoldFarm aims to host our NFT farm on GoldFarm’s intuitive solution and create exciting new opportunities for our communities.

What does the Partnership Entail?

The strategic partnership between GoldFarm and FOMO Lab is aimed to develop our NFT platform in becoming a key player in the NFT industry. …

Recently PVLACE and Gunboi launched a ‘For the Culture’ NFT collection on FOMO Lab, which represented the origin of hip-hop from the people.
The collection was launched on The Avenue, the NFT platform by FOMO Lab, on 1st June at 9:00 PM UTC and it was immediately sold out in just under two hours.

What does this mean for Fomo Lab?

The team at FOMO Lab was thrilled about the sale as it displayed their capabilities to manage and launch such an exciting event. Pixasso, founder and CEO of FOMO Lab, told,

“We were all so excited that it sold out so quickly, this drop is one…


The “For the culture” drop went live on Tuesday 1st June at 9pm UTC and was available only at, powered by Fomo Lab.

The drop sold out in just over 2 hours! A great feat achieved by Pvlace, Gunboi and The Fomo Lab team.

Created by PVLACE of 808 Mafia and GUNBOI, and presented by FOMO LAB, This unique NFT experience offers 387 Tokens that are each attached to a 1 of 1 unique musical composition composed by multi-platinum and chart topping producers and a selection of 3D, Low Polygon items that each…

Exciting news for music lovers and crypto enthusiasts as FOMO Lab partners with PVLACE of 808 MAFIA and GUNBOI to drop the “For the Culture’’ NFT collection. The collection is now live on Fomo Lab’s NFT platform, The Avenue, containing 387 rare collectibles of the music industry. These collectibles can be purchased as “mystery boxes” by PVLACE and Gunboi.

While several sports teams, players, artists, celebrities, etc., have launched their collectibles, PVLACE and Gunboi are the first musicians and producers to enter the crypto ecosystem. …

Fomo Lab

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